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How to Increase Your Trade-In Value

Entering the market in search for a new car is a hefty task in itself. New cars are a major investment and can cause financial strain for those who bite off more than they can chew. A high-value trade-in vehicle can greatly reduce the down payment, overall price, or monthly payments of a new car. Make sure to get the most out of your trade-in value with these tips!

The first step to increasing your trade-in value is to understand what factors go into determining that value.

The car’s year and mileage plays a major role in determining how reliable your car is. The make and model provide a look into what the car cost when it was new, allowing the dealership to scale the value from there. Finally, the condition and popularity of the car also effect what its final trade-in value will be.


When it comes to making a good first impression, cleaning your car is key. Make sure to polish the exterior and detail the interior to the best of your ability. It wouldn’t hurt to have your trade-in vehicle professionally detailed, although the cost could outweigh the increase in value.


A well-maintained car can go a long way when it comes to trade-in value. Taking care of minor repairs can make a world of difference, especially if that’s all the car has wrong with it. An easy do-it-yourself fix will do the trick, provided you know what you’re doing.

Maintain the tires at all costs as well. Dealerships tend to look for any excuse to knock a couple bucks off the trade-in value of vehicles. Consider polishing the tires to give them a like-new look. It pays to care for the tires over the life of the vehicle as well.

Make sure to bring all documentation of service, repairs, and other work you’ve had done on the car. Proof of service is key to dealerships.

Shop Around

It never hurts to shop around, especially if you feel like the dealership is trying to rip you off. Competing dealerships will often aim to outdo one another. If one dealership isn’t working with you, try another one. Make sure to compare the price of the new vehicles while you’re there!

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